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Facebook and Instagram Advertising


How to Start a Facebook Page

  • Pick a Sub-niche for your Page
    • It is important to build an audience in a specific category or niche. We are in the Cannabis lovers niche and Fashion niche, but you will also want to post related posts to give interesting content to your specific audience.
    • For example, we post our Dank Fashion, but we also post funny weed related memes because we started out posting funny weed memes and weed comics.
    • You will want to pick one thing and stick to it so that the people who follow your page will continue to follow and continue to engage or interact with your posts.
    • If your page is about your modeling, in addition to posting promotions for our Dank clothing, post photos of you modeling, or just interesting photos of yourself. If you page is about Marijuana News, try to stick to Marijuana News related posts.
    • Some ideas for a sub-niche are: Weed related news, legalization news, weed related articles, psychedelics or other trippy content, weed related art, and so on. Find out what you want to focus on, post consistently, at least a couple times every day, and don't stray too far from that content.
  • How to Add a "Shop Now" Button
    • If you do not already have a Button on your page, there will be a button at the lower right corner of your Cover Photo that says "Add a Button."
    • If you already have a button, you can edit the button.
    • You will want to have a SHOP NOW button that links people to
  • How to Add a Website
    • Edit your page info and click on Website to edit. Add the to make sure people can find where to shop. You may be surprised how 'stoned' people are and can't find their way around the internet ;D Make it easy for them to find the shop! This along with the SHOP NOW button will keep a steady stream of people visiting the website, some of them will buy and make you money!
  • How to Moderate Negative Comments
    • Go to your page Settings. Go down to "Page Moderation." Here you can enter words that you want to be hidden from the followers view. If someone's post contains one of those words, the post will be hidden from everyone except the person who posted it and their friends.
    • Hiding posts is usually better than deleting posts because if you delete a post, the person who posted it will know you deleted it and may post it again. 
    • This setting is VERY useful especially when your audience starts to grow out of control. You want to control your page. You do not want negative people ruining your page and your business. This keeps everything FUN and positive!
    • Here are some words you should start blocking by copying and pasting in your Page Settings - Post Moderation : shipping,fake,bullshit,scam,handling,shitty,ship,spencers,spencer's,cheat,cheap,quality,lie,liar,liars,handling,amazon,wish
    • If you see someone is having a problem with the company, message them right away with a positive attitude, and send them to us, we will make sure to make them happy with our company and deal with their problem. We have never not been able to satisfy a customer.
    • Most people just overreact or are worried about an online company cheating them. Once they see there are real people willing to help them, they calm down and after we resolve their problem they usually become a repeat buyer.
  • How to Invite People Who Liked a Post
    • A great free way to grow your followers is to Invite the people who engaged with your post to Like your page.
    • This is a little bit easier on mobile, but will work on desktop as well. 
    • Just click under the post where it says how many people reacted to the post. It will bring up the comments, and click again on where it says how many people reacted to the post. This will bring up a huge list of people and on the right side will say either "Invite," "Invited," or "Liked."
    • Scroll down and invite as many people as you can before it blocks you from inviting any more for that day. You can usually invite several hundred people each day, and many of these people will accept the invite and Like your page!

How to Start an Instagram Account

  • How to Add a Promo Link to your Instagram Bio
  • How to Hashtag for the Most Exposure
  • How to Write Sales Copy for your Posts
    • Link's don't appear in an Instagram post, so it is always wise to refer people back to your bio for the live link, and Tag yourself so that they can easily clack back to your bio because they may be viewing your post from the newsfeed and not from your profile.
    • First write a short comment on the post, and then refer people to the shop.

How to Link your Facebook Page with your Instagram Account

In your Instagram settings, you will be able to link your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr account with your Instagram account, enabling you to post simultaneously across platforms. Make sure when you link your Facebook page, that you are linking your PAGE and not your personal profile.

When making a Facebook Ad in the Ads Manager or Power Editor, you will be able to check the Ad at the ad level to make sure it is linked with the proper Instagram account.

At the Ad Set level, you will be able to choose if your Ads in that Ad Set will post to Instagram.

The Ads must be a certain size - 1080-1080 in order to post properly on Instagram. And Videos must be under one minute for Instagram.

How to Schedule Facebook Posts

When posting on Facebook, there is a small arrow on the "Publish" button which allows you to select options including "Schedule Post." This allows you to schedule a post for a later time when you may not be available or even schedule an entire day or week of posts.

How to Make a Facebook Ads Account


How to Make Profitable Facebook Ads

When making Facebook Ad campaigns, you can choose from several different objectives.

You can experiment with many of them, but the two we would recommend would be Page Post Engagement or Traffic to a Website.

  • Campaign
    • An ad campaign is where you choose the Objective of the ad sets. The objectives that are easy and effective are PPE [page post engagement] and Click to Website [traffic]. If you group all of your Ad Sets with the same objectives in the same Campaign, they will be easier to keep track of and organize.
    • You can try different objectives to see what works best. And you can track how the ads are doing in the Facebook Ads Manager.
    • There is also an Ads Manager app for the phone that can be very useful, but it has some limits which makes the desktop site better for some things.
  • Ad Set
    • An ad set is where you set the budget and the audience targeting, or who you want the ad to show to. Each individual ad cannot have a separate budget, so you will need separate Ad Sets for each budget you want to control and for each different audience you want to target. This may not make sense at first, you can always make a new ad set for every ad you want to run, but if you want to try two or more ads that are almost the same to find out which one will perform better, you can put them in the same Ad Set and the best performing one will automatically get all the budget.
    • Start all new Ad Sets at $5 or even less. This is a great way to test out new audiences or new ads without loosing a lot of money. Ads take a few days to optimize, so you want to run them for a few days to see if they will perform well. 
    • Once the ads have exceeded the potential profit for the product you are promoting, you will want to turn that ad set or ad off, or lower the budget. Sometimes it makes sense to leave the ad running at $1 or so a day if it is performing really well and gaining your page tons of likes.
    • Remember, the purpose of the ads are to make a profit, so once there is enough data to show how well it is working or not, you can choose to turn it off or keep it running. Only keep ads running that are making a profit or getting you a large amount of website traffic.
    • AUDIENCE TARGETING is done in the Ad Set. Look below for more on Targeting.
    • PLACEMENT is where you can choose where people see your ad, either on Desktop, Mobile, Instagram, Audience Network, a mix of those, or all of those. For the ads to appear on Instagram, they need to be a certain size 1080x1080, and videos under 60 seconds. You can test all of these out, but we would recommend starting with Mobile only including Instagram placement.
  • Ad 
    • The Ad is the actual picture or video, page post, and sales copy that you are promoting.
    • This is where you choose the post, or upload the picture or video that you want the people to see.
    • Include a link and the sale info / promo code in the Ad text, or in the post you are promoting.
    • Use colorful adjectives that will inspire the person to visualize themselves with the product or wearing the product. You won't need to sell too hard, the product image should be enough to make the right people click and purchase.

Targeting and How to Scale Profitable Ads

Targeting the right audience is the key to successful Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Do some research in Facebook's Audience Insights to find good audiences to promote to.

In Audience Insights, you can type in a keyword and see the different audiences. Look around in the Insights to see the vast amount of information on each Audience. 

Visit the Pages or Community and find out if the audience is active. If there are only a few likes and comments on each post, try a different audience. If there are hundreds or thousands of likes on each post, it should be a good audience to try targeting.

Spend some time in Audience Insights to find similar pages, public figures, and communities that are related to the good audiences you find. This may take a little time, but is well worth it and can make you a lot of money!

It is usually best to start a new ad at midnight at the location of the ad or early in the morning before 6am. This gives the ad time to optimize through the day and spends your budget throughout the day. If you start the ad in the evening, it will be in a rush to spend the budget by midnight and may not get the best result. The ad's start time and day can be scheduled.

Scaling a profitable ad


If your ad is making money [Congrats!] Then you want to increase the budget and make MORE money, right? Yes!

There are some key steps to this that will help you scale your ads without killing your ROI [return on investment].

  • If you started with a $5 a day ad, which we recommend running for a few days to test, and it makes profit, you can Duplicate the Ad Set. Only duplicate it one time because the ads optimize at the Ad Set level which means, more Ad Sets does not actually optimize your ad's performance. You don't have to duplicate it, but if you do, you can make an exact copy with the same $5 a day budget, or the new copy can start with a $10 a day budget. Don't make any bigger of a jump than that without significant data to back it up.
  • Increasing the budget is the easiest way to scale a profitable ad set, but needs to be increased by 10-20% only per day. We stick to 10%. The reason for this is that major changes in the budget will screw up the performance in some cases. Just increase the profitable ad sets by 10% each day, and it is best to do this in the morning so that the ad set has the entire day to spend the new budget.
  • Scaling into new audiences is another way to increase your profit. You can use the same profitable audience and change the country, or target a specific state. You can try the same profitable ad with a completely new audience, and you can make Lookalike audiences.

How to Make a Facebook Business Account


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