Is this New 2018 Weed Bill the Most Significant Marijuana Legislation Ever or just Fake News?

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President Donald Trump Is this New 2018 Weed Bill the Most Significant Marijuana Legislation Ever or just Fake News?

Is this New 2018 Weed Bill the Most Significant Marijuana Legislation Ever, or just Fake News?

Most of the information surrounding a 2018 marijuana bill sponsored by Cory Gardner (R) of Colorado and Elizabeth Warren (D) of Massachusetts is drama, speculation, and what our orange-tinted Commander In Chief would call "Fake News" and clickbait. I looked into most of the stories and much of it just a political game - framing it to look as if "my dad can beat up your dad."


That being said, it IS a bipartisan Bill. An effort from all sides is being made to pass this legislation.


Strangely, President Trump is up against some in his own administration who are against it. Most notably, of course, is Attorney General Jeff Sessions - who many news sources have falsely claimed that Donald Trump plans to dismiss due to off the cuff remarks about him that were made in frustration. However, we should all have realized by now that not all of Trump's remarks should be taken so literally or seriously. There are times that a boss has to put the fear of GOD into his staff. So don't believe everything that you hear or read in the mainstream media -or even here for that matter. 


Jeff Sessions has had a significant tonal change regarding marijuana and US Law since assuming a role under the Trump administration. Famously, he is quoted as saying "good people do NOT smoke marijuana." A foolish statement, to be sure. Though, to be fair, his job is not to be that of a moral judge of character. It is to follow and enforce the LAW. Since then, Sessions has eased up and has stated that “It’s not so much the attorney general’s job to decide what laws to enforce. We should do our jobs and enforce laws effectively as we’re able,” he said. "The U.S. Congress made the possession of marijuana in every state — and the distribution — an illegal act. If that’s something that’s not desired any longer, Congress should pass a law to change the rule.”


Trump, for his part, has always been a "New York" Republican. Even an Independent for a time. He received a large portion of the Libertarian and Independent vote because of his stance on issues such as LGBT Rights (he is, in fact, the first President to CAMPAIGN on LGBT Rights and be ELECTED as a supporter of them) as well as his history of marijuana-friendly positions and attitudes. President Trump has stated he will support this law if it passes through Congress and comes to his desk. The question now is - how much of his time and support will he throw behind it to rally his Party around it?


dank master popular weed clothes Is this New 2018 Weed Bill the Most Significant Marijuana Legislation Ever or just Fake News?


And why would he?


1. 60% of Americans support Marijuana Reform. Good luck finding something else that ties Americans together so cohesively in such a politicized and polarizing climate these days.


2. States Rights. It is a long-held Conservative position that States are autonomous and have their own identities and Rights within the Union. They are self-determining and set their own laws. For the Federal Government to come along and tell any State that it CANNOT sell or traffic Marijuana is "Big Government" Fascism if I've ever seen it. It's simply consistent with Right Wing Philosophy.


3. A new and blooming Multi-BILLION Dollar industry during a booming economic period would mean unprecedented growth for the country during Trump's presidency and would reflect extremely well on the President and his Party.


4. The youth vote. Although this next generation is already THE most Conservative generation we have ever seen - which has Democrats panicked - Marijuana reform would go a long way in cementing their loyalty.


So what does this actually mean for YOU, dear readers?


Well, this bill is not exactly full Legalization. However, it does make it ILLEGAL for the Federal Government to step in and go after Marijuana users and distributors in States where Marijuana IS legal - which is a significant step. It protects you. It protects STATES RIGHTS. Most notably, it would amend the Controlled Substances Act and remove it from the schedule of illegal drugs in States that choose to legalize. Conservative outreach director of the Marijuana Policy Center, Don Murphey, called this bill "the most significant piece of marijuana-related legislation ever introduced in Congress.”


For further perspective, the bill's sponsor, Cory Gardner said: “Our founders intended the states to be laboratories of democracy and many states right now find themselves deep in the heart of that laboratory, but its created significant conflict between state law [and] federal law." And there's the rub. This bill intends to reduce that tension and friction.


So get out there - write your legislators. Call them and email them. Make your voice heard. Bring the power back to your State - where it should be.


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