Limitless (2016) - Dank Master Stoned Netflix Series Review

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Limitless (2016) - Dank Master Stoned Netflix Series Review

Limitless (2016) - Dank Master Stoned Netflix Series Review

Starring: Jake McDormanJennifer CarpenterHill Harper

Created by: Craig Sweeny


Did you know there was a Limitless series on Netflix?

I was a fan of the movie (2011) and hesitated for a while after I saw the series on Netflix.

Buuuut, I had a pinched nerve and was just laying around, so I ended up watching the 22 hours in just two days, lol.


This might be the most I have ever binged watched something other than Rick and Morty...

I'm not sure exactly what it is about the series- probably that I relate to the character who wants to be a musician, but was having a rough time "growing up" in his late 20's/30's.

Then, he gets introduced to the NZT pills in a similar way that happened in the movie.



AFTER that though, because it's an entire series, he ends up working for the FBI, and he remains just a goofy stoner throughout.

I mean, his bong is practically a character... and you know me... I have a soft spot for bongs in movies (but only when they're realistic).

There is a lot of conflict, and even comedy. Most of the situations were believable to some degree, however there were a couple fluff spots near the middle of the season, but not bad enough to make it suck.

He causes a lot of problems, but also does a lot of good- as a super secret project NZT guinea pig with unlimited mental power (while on the drug).


What did you think of the movie version?


Bradley Cooper is in this one too as the same character, but he is a Senator now.

I wont spoil it for people, but if you want to venture into the past a couple years for a good show you may have missed- this is binge-worthy.

However, there won't be a second season, so this is the complete series.



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