Murder Mystery (2019) - Dank Master Stoned Movie Review

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Murder Mystery 2019 Dank Master Stoned Movie Review adam sandler jennifer aniston action comedy film netflix

Murder Mystery (2019) - Dank Master Stoned Movie Review


Starring: Adam SandlerJennifer AnistonLuke Evans

Director: Kyle Newacheck

Writer: James Vanderbilt


Alright, here goes the beginning! Let’s see if it can past the test of me watching past the first act.

Adam Sandler has a mustache and there are chode jokes, starting out pretty well…

Product placement…

Product placement again, hmm...

So its about a detective, Adam Sandler, and his hair stylist wife of 15 years, Jennifer Aniston.

They’re going to europe for their 15th anniversary. Oh, wait, it’s not their anniversary, it’s their honeymoon that they never had time to go on.

The plot gets really interesting and there are some good performances by the supporting cast.

The Sand Man slips in some hilarious jokes along the way

I like the plot because it’s a comedy, but it’s also a mystery so it sucks you into the story, where most comedies fail these days. They give no reason to keep watching, but this leaves you on the edge of your seat and committed to finding out what will happen.

The first act was a little ‘meh with the product placements and whatever was going on with the American actors.

But, it gets better.

And actually, it gets really suspense and action- packed.

They end up being framed for multiple murder… and are wanted in a foreign country!

The characters who started out as a bickering married couple have to put it all on the line and learn how to use each other’s skills to work together.

Was this the best Adam Sandler movie? No

Was this the best Jennifer Aniston movie? Maybe




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