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Funny AF - Dank Master the movie

Welcome Back Stoner Movie Fiends!

Have you been stoned to the bone, high as a kite, drooling and crusty-eye'd staring at Netflix all night wishing for MORE good stoner shit??

Hollywood needs to step up their game! We want more! and better! comedies!

We want to pee our pants laughing!

We want to accidentally snort bong water across the room because of an instant-classic line!

We want to laugh until we have an eight-pack!

We want to laugh so hard that it registers on the Richter Scale!


Without laughter, what is it all worth, anyway?


So... after a hiatus, we will resume pre-production of Dank Master: Notorious 

It will be the stoney-est, most fantastical, fanatical, gratuitous, and most stupendous!


Check out the concept we are working on in this short teaser video

420 Dank Master stoner movie 2020 weed marijuana ganja film trailer teaser plot feature movies funny comedy action kung-fu martial arts fighting and cannabis smoking vaping dabbing eating edibles and laughing at pot jokes 


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