Getting Started

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Affiliate Marketing

The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for you to grow your own online following while marketing our products.

If marketed successfully, the more money you earn, the larger your following will automatically grow!


1. Set Big Goals!

  • The beauty of marketing online is the unlimited potential for growth! Set a huge goal for how much money you want to earn and how large of an audience you want to build. It may be easier or more difficult than you think, but you can't hit a target you can't see.

2. Start an Instagram account and/or Facebook fan page.

  • Most of you already have one. If you do, edit the branding in the bio and Shop Now button on the FB page to direct people to or your personal affiliate link.
  • Include your Promo Code in your posts to track your orders. Don't have a promo code yet? Contact us to get one!

3. Start advertising and promoting Dank?Master products!

  • Click here to access photo and video ad creatives. 
  • For best results, post the photos and videos on Instagram and/or on your Facebook page and advertise by Boosting the post, or create ads in Power Editor or Ads Manager. For more info click here or contact us. Start small and gradually scale profitable ads.
  • Promoting products and your IG and FB for free is possible, and takes a lot of time and effort. On Instagram- hashtags, following about 200 people a day, liking related posts, and commenting on related posts will slowly build you an audience, and you should do these actions gradually every day.
  • Model Dank?Master fashion on your pages and in your daily life. Contact us for a special affiliate discount- *For your use only*


  • When people use your Promo Code or affiliate link to order, you will get paid an average of 20% of the total order's price, not including shipping. This is a HUGE commission in the fashion industry for affiliates! We want you to win!
  • We will pay you via PayPal 3 to 4 business days after each order, which means you could be getting paid every weekday for what you sold 3/4 days before! For tax purposes, we will need a W9 form from you in order to comply with the law [and not go to jail]


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