Psychosis And Your Bowl - Can Marijuana Cause Mental Illness?

Posted by Douglas Dennis on

Seriously. For realsies. Totes listen up.

Marijuana can increase your chance of developing a mental illness.

Don't take it up with me. Take it up with possibly biased scientific studies.

Thems are just the facts on paper.


HOWEVER, the chemical cannabidiol or CBD appears to have the opposite effect.

So now, you can apologize to science and once again thank it for the electric guitar and the 80's synthesizer.

Research in Kings College London is showing us thus far that CBD apparently counters tetrahydrocannabinol -

the pretentious, sciency term for THC that makes music and art way cooler than it should be.


They worked with 33 people experiencing psychotic symptoms and gave them CBD capsules.

It was found to have reduced abnormal activity in the brain.

In particular, the striatum, the medial temporal cortex, and the midbrain.

Problems in these areas of the brain are associated with schizophrenia and other mental disorders.


Almost all modern drugs work on the basis of dopamine and it's receptor sites in the brain.

CBD is a novel approach though. It has a litany of positive benefits that affect people in a myriad of ways -

and it is clear of any negative side-effects like the abhorrent "weight gain" associated with and caused by so many psycho-active pharmaceutical drugs.


King's College is focused next on a 300 person trial as early as 2019.


At a time when ALL of our mass shooters have been on anti-psychotics, the Western world clearly needs more weapons of its own to combat mental illness.

We need our laws to keep up with the reality of the problems we face as a society -

and we need our scientists, our doctors, our Universities and Institutions, and our Pharmaceutical Companies to keep pace with our need for healthier remedies for our ailments.

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