Is Pot a Painkiller?

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Since the American Opioid Crisis began 8, maybe 10 years ago, thousands have died during the epidemic of painkiller prescription abuse.

A flood of users turned to Heroin - the Horse, Boy, Darth Maul, The Crucible, Skag, Mud, Dragon - as their tolerance arched toward its unseen vertex.

At the same time, illegal migration continued across the Southern US Border through the services of Cartel gangs using Mules - people used to carry these substances for them to meet the growing demand from the US population in what was becoming more and more of a problem in middle and upper-class America.


Most of us know how that story goes already.

States began clamping down on doctors and prescribers.

Pain clinics. Pharmacies. Pharmaceutical companies were lawyering up.

It wasn't long before people were forced further onto the streets just to maintain their lives, their jobs, and their habits for better or for worse - I am no one to judge.


However, it IS important to realize and understand that people do still have legitimate pain and ailments that need to be treated.

As a naturally Libertarian minded gentleman, myself, I believe that those people have every right to seek to end and curb that suffering, though, I'll spare you the "legalize everything" platforming today.

For now, I'll simply bring to your attention the very critical need for a more natural, more harmonious, less dangerous, less physically addictive alternative to opiates.


The Pot Painkiller.


There are anecdotal accounts of Marijuana treating pain - but I certainly have not experienced it in my time spent with the herb.

However, a team at UCLA is planning on a high-quality clinical study to come to a better understanding of these effects and what may be possible in the future.

This was difficult for them to set up considering the Schedule-1 status of the plant, but is at last about to happen.


This is potentially groundbreaking.


Because of the plant's status, the public's use of it as a drug has outpaced our scientific and pharmaceutical knowledge of it.

However - if this study can confirm that weed has significant pain-killing properties then it may also confirm some other controversial issues that the public has faced such as the number of heroin/ crack street use being lowered in States after legalizing and/ or decriminalizing marijuana.


I, for one, am hoping this leads to something that they science the fuck out of and make a strain strong enough to smoke after going to the dentist.


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