What Does Getting High Feel Like for a First Timer?

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So you want to know what the marijuana high feels like? But you don’t have the balls to ingest it?

Alright, pal. I’m here to help you. Luckily for you, I’ve been living on the edge long enough to write you a detailed account of just how far the rabbit hole goes.


Crushing up that first dank bud may smell unpleasant at first, but a switch gets flipped after the first inhale or so.

It’s as if your brain accepts defeat and admits that this is what it has been missing all its life.

After that, it is an aroma from the Gods.


Lighting it up is a beautiful thing. Watching the plant crinkle and burn is like watching your worries transform into smoke and float away.


If all of this sounds romanticized - its because it is.


The reality is that smoking pot is a two-way street.

It’s not exactly a mood enhancer. That's not how it works.

However, the mood you already have it can accelerate and amplify. As if turning you up to 11.

Keep in mind - its a psychedelic.

Which, to describe it to you in a way that you can understand, means that it takes your mood and wraps it around the objects and things in your surroundings.

Everything around you resonates with the energy of your own feelings and mood.


How fucked up is that?


That's why people love it though. That's also why people get super paranoid, suspicious, and get all sorts of anxiety.


The familiar suddenly becomes unfamiliar. What was once so old and routine is now new and bizarre.

Your own face in the mirror can be unreal and unrecognizable.


Sense perception is a real and unique part of the marijuana high. It alters and enhances perception.

Music, for example, can become a kaleidoscopic affair in one’s mind.

A bouncing fiery ball of light that spreads into an orchestral supernova of Heavenly events.


Now, this may be a bit anecdotal, so I don’t know that it's like this for many others, but I wanted to let you know, dear readers, that when I recently vaped some Blue Dream it was like climbing a mountain up into my own consciousness.

Its always an adventure and always gives me a new perspective.

The view, however, is subjective and is not always what one may hope to find.

Though, I like to think that it's all what you make of it. It's all that you decide that it is.


Which leads me to a less talked about the experience of the marijuana high.

The philosophical one wherein the user experiences epiphanies and uncommon thoughts and odd solutions to problems that likely would not have been reached without it - such as the idea that my entire experience and the sum total of all my feelings while high on bud were up to me to decide - and I chose to make them pleasant ones.


At least - thats what its like for ME.


What will it be like for YOU?


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