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Welcome to the Dank Master Affiliate Program! We are happy to have you on the team!

This page is for reference to help you achieve your goals and dreams by using Dank Master as a vehicle to get you there. If you need additional support, contact us at or send us a Facebook message at

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for customers, so make sure to only send us customers with the proper expectations. Do not promise anything that we don't offer or use any sales tactics that could harm the reputation of our company. :)

We can achieve amazing things together as a team! 


Every new endeavor has ups and downs. Stay positive, and keep the end goal in mind- Build a successful brand, earn money, and serve people Dank goods! 




Disclaimer: there is no guarantee that you will make money marketing our products. You will be paid based on the orders that use your designated promotional code or your affiliate link. 


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