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Stoned review of episode one of a new series - How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)

It’s in another language, but Netflix recommended it to me, and it has drugs in the title, so I though it was a mandaroty Dank Master review.

So far, it’s a little slow moving, and there have been no drugs yet. I guess they are probably using the first episode to introduce me to the characters and establish the story line, so I’ll try to be patient.

I like how they incorperate the instagram feeds into the story line. Of course we have been seeing this more, but it isn’t always done well. Maybe because it’s in another language so it’s easiest to unserstand the Instagram feeds.

Well, finally drugs enter the plot, and they show some visual trippy imagery which is usally the corny giveaway of shitty writing.

The main character is kind if like Richard in Silicon Valley, a dork, but I like this guy more than Richard which is a given.

No spoilers, but he is pretty crafty, and is starting to get in over his head which can be fun to watch.

What’s happening? Is he fucking everything up?

Everyone in their school is on Exctacy at a party… meh.

Buzzkill or worth watching the rest of the season?

Let me know because I don’t want to find out myself… and that’s my stoned review.




My friend recommended it to me, and apparently you can watch it dubbed.

Also, if he liked it, then it should be worth watching more episodes for a more thorough critic :P


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