Kantaro: the Sweet Tooth Salaryman - Dank Master Stoned Netflix Review - S1E6 Matcha Baverian Cream

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kantaro the sweet tooth salaryman Dank Master Stoned Netflix Review

Kantaro: the Sweet Tooth Salaryman S1E6 Matcha Baverian Cream

Dank Master Stoned Netflix Review


Ever need entertained but also sick of Hollywood bullshit? Do you ever watch foreign shows?

I do all the time. Is it ever good? ...sometimes.

For one, there aren't enough comedies coming out to watch. And more importantly, there aren't enough that I can even watch through the first act...

So if you're a binge-watcher, you need more to watch and also need to mix it up, but you don't want to dredge through boring crap to find a gem.

I am always looking for good Japanese shows to watch, and by 'good', I mean, high-good :)

If it's not good high, then it's no good- eye?

This one is good for 70% of the episode, and then has a really weird dream sequence each episode that I could do with or without- but definitely worth a peek if your curious about Japanese sweets!

And who doesn't love watching about crazy awesome food when you're baking yourself?

So I'm going to dive into episode 6 [S1E6 Matcha Baverian Cream] on Netflix to see if it's any good or not.... not too sure about this one.


Oh, here we go, he's all horned up over sweets from the very beginning of the episode. Yes, he's a weirdo, but also top in sales.

Wtf is going on in this episode? There's a manga artist sketching him... he got buzzkilled and left I guess...

This is a different type of episode, he has a clinger...

What's the deal with this clinger artist though. He does have awesome sandals.

Ok, it's official, this episode is completely ridiculous. He's trying to skip out on work to eat Matcha Bavarian Cream at a special shop, but the clinger found him again.

This is the buzzkill episode of cock blocks isn't it?

Oh shit, he invites them in with him... they're going to witness how juiced up he gets over dessert.

I will say, that his foreigner wife has pretty good Japanese.

Now he's schooling them on sweets. He's cumming his pants over the Matcha Bavarian Cream

It's one big product placement ad.


8 minutes 20 seconds in, he gets a macha cumshot.

Now he's tripping his balls off from it somehow. This is totally insane... is this a children's show all along? Now the foreigner is a cream puff and her Japanese sucks... what happened?

Bizarro world

They all shared in the dream sequence this time. And now it's about interracial couples, how cute.

They achieved enlightenment from sweets... if only... Well, they didn't show all the ingredients so...


Overall I would have to say, this was a pretty terrible episode... sheesh...

Somehow I watched the whole thing.

I would have to say there are better Japanese shows. What's your favorite non animated Japanese TV show?

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