Oh, Ramona! (2019) - Dank Master Stoned Movie Review

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oh ramona 2019 netflix - dank master stoned movie review

Oh, Ramona! (2019) - Dank Master Stoned Movie Review

A coming of age movie! Could be awesome, could be 'meh...

Will Oh, Ramona get the 'meh award for boring coming of age movie?

Let's find out!


Funny, I like weed humor in the first five minutes of a movie. He ate a banana and then coughed? Starts off on a good note.

Quickly ruined by poop…

Based on the novel “Suck it, Ramona!” ...interesting.

So, the movie is centered around some loser trying to hook up with some chick Ramona… her haircut is kind of ruining it for me, but other than that- mmmmmHMM!

They are eating bananas instead of smoking joints.

No boobies? Adults only? What are we watching, censored sex scenes??


Most awkward characters annoy me, but this kid is entertaining so far, not asleep yet.

Another censored sex scene… is this rated PG? Now he’s fingering a pie…

Ok, I just got bored, pausing this one. If I actually finish watching it, I’ll update it.

‘meh dot com the meh-vie


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